We believe the church is the body of Christ and we are to be bodybuilders physically and spiritually. Ministry of Men can be defined as bringing men into a meaningful relationship with God and developing them into fully devoted followers of Christ making a difference in the lives of those under their care, under their influence, and in their lives.

Vision Statement:

We believe that Men are critically important to God's unfolding plan in our families, churches and communities. We believe that in order for our women and children to be blessed and our church mission to be fulfilled, God calls us to grow Godly men of faith and action for His glory and purpose. Thus, our intention is to recognize the importance of men and encourage their ongoing, growing, commitment to God. We are convicted that a genuine, loving, Godly man of faith means strong marriages, strong families, a strong church and a strong community. We believe we are the body of Christ and we are to be building the body of Christ.

Men's Ministry